What is an Ezer?

God uses Ezer to describe Eve in Genesis. It is typically translated to mean helper, which churches have used to encourage women to pursue domestic duties, marriage and motherhood. Whilst these are not inherently evil things, using this definition is inaccurate and limits the capabilities of women in life and in the church, as Carolyn Custis James highlights in her book Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women.

Instead, Carolyn likens Ezer to Warrior as the 19 other times it is mentioned in the bible, it’s placed within a powerful, military context. Ezer is used 3 times to describe Israel when they were under attack but more importantly, it is used 16 times to describe God. Nathan Campbell highlights that it ‘means something more like ‘necessary ally’ than ‘servant’.’ Perhaps there is a reason Wonder Woman has resonated so strongly with us after all. Warrior is an intrinsic identity to women and a part of our DNA. We are made to be a necessary part of the world. We are made to be champions and fighters.

Women are given purpose by this re-definition of Ezer. Purpose beyond the short amount of time we might be wives or mothers (if we even are at all). Purpose from the day we are born to the day we die. Purpose in our careers, mothering, creative projects, church activities, interests and so many other things. We are warriors for God and an essential part of his creation. We are called to walk in this world like so.

This is why Ezer Magazine has been created. Ezer Magazine exists to help women tune into their intrinsic God-given identity. Ezer Magazine is an exploration of life, faith and everything in between. It is a platform to break through barricades designed to keep us out. It is an invitation to participate in Theology, Creativity, Fitness, the Workforce and anything else our hearts desire. It is space for women (religious and not) by women.

We hope that you will join us on this journey.

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